If Normal Skating Bores You, Then This is your thing (Time To Try Freeline Skating)

Because Normal Skating Is Too Mainstream, It’s Time To Try Freeline Skating

Freeline Skating.

It was said that this new type of sport had combined the way of skating the Snowboard, Skateboard, Ski, Inline Skate, and much more.This new sport is said to have started since 2006 and is now progressing steadily. You can  see lots of Freeline Skate videos on Youtube trying new things and demonstrating their skills. Most of these gamers are from US, Japan and Korea.

what is so fun about this new sport?

It is very small and compact and easy to port around. Compared to the skateboard, the size of t’s pad is about the size of the computer mouse. So it would be extremely easy for you to carry it around and skate it whenever you like.

The device enables one to pump the speed as they desire. Unlike the skateboard, which you have to put your leg down and accelerate yourself, you can just turning your leg around and you can move on forward without doing some uncool pushing works.



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