Meet The Father-daughter duo who have the world’s widest tongues

A father and daughter from Syracuse have been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the world’s widest tongues, Barcroft Media reported.

Byron Schlenker, 47, recently picked up a copy of the venerable trivia book while helping one of his daughters, Emily, with a school project, and flipped to a page featuring the man with the world’s widest tongue.

When he got home, Schlenker asked Emily for help measuring his own titanic tongue after his wife, Vicki, turned down the request and was gobsmacked to find his 3.3 inches licked the standing record of 3.1 inches.

“I get stopped by people at the grocery store or when I’m out in town to take a picture,” Schlenker told Barcroft. “I even had one lady who asked me to lick her Guinness Book, which I politely declined.”

“Some people attempt to go in a more mature direction with some of their questions in regard to my love life,” added Schlenker. “But I am a father of three young ladies, so I tend to steer clear of answering those.”

After her dad achieved local fame, the curious Emily, 14, measured her own tongue and was verified as the female world record holder at 2.8 inches, according to Barcroft.

Byron said he and Emily are taking their new found local celebrity in stride, offering, “If you don’t want people to ask to see your tongue when you’re out in town, then this record may not be for you.”


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