Baby’s Still Birth Changes Mothers Life In a Positive Way

Valerie Watts gave birth to a stillborn boy. She was understandably devastated.

As time passed, the Cokota, MN woman eventually decided to set up a garage sale. She was ready; she had mustered up the courage to get rid of the baby’s crib.

The grieving mother sold the crib to a man named Gerald and his wife, but little did she know the crib was about to return to her in the most unexpected way.

As it turned out, Gerald is a carpenter. He brought the crib home to his workshop and transformed it into something Valerie could hold onto and cherish for life. The crib became a memorial bench. Much to her surprise, Gerald returned to Valerie’s home the next week with the beautiful bench, and she cried on the spot.

Stranger who bought crib meant for stillborn baby at garage sale turns it into a beautiful memorial bench and gives it back to mother


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