Warm in the arms of my brother, we are both lost souls looking for a mother.

It’s sad how wealthy people enjoy privileges While poor children pay the prices on streets . We came across this image On A Sri Lankan site.

The writing on the image says “Son, If you were born in a palace, you too would be a king today”

See how the little toddler, preserves the baby so safely in his arms as they sit on the road with a small box, hoping for a meal or money. That toddler probably feeds his family with what ever he earns each day. Why has the world turned so cruel today? Where are the parents? how can a baby look after another baby? Why is he forced to hustle? why give birth if you cant handle the responsibility? why force another body, another soul to pay the price for your sexual satisfaction?

Why is a child deprived of his childhood, his education and forced to be a man before he even completes his childhood. Life is cruel….very cruel


One thought on “Warm in the arms of my brother, we are both lost souls looking for a mother.

  1. What is going on in Sri Lanka? Are people making more children than they can care for or about? Is birth control a taboo topic? What?

    Mind you, we’re not without our problems here in the states. Here we have 13 year old girls who walk through the halls of their junior high school pregnant because “birth control, no, I won’t put anything unnatural in my body”, but they smoke cigarettes throughout pregnancy. What chance will their children have? We have sixty year old women getting pregnant by having donor eggs implanted in them…will they live to see those kids grow up? We have kids who CHOOSE to live like animals in the street because their parents physically and/or sexually abused them.

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