7 Year old chinese boy suffers from severe abuse by parents forced to sleep with pigs

A 7-year-old boy from Puyang, Henan, was allegedly mistreated by his parents and was forced to sleep and live with pigs. According to reports, the boy’s mother has a mental disability nad has been beating her son for the past years—with scars to prove how much he had suffered.


The worst part is that his mother would not let him inside the house and lets him sleep outside with the pigs—all year round. Even with extreme weather conditions, the child was left outside to sleep and live with the pigs. He would often suffer from frostbite during winter—his legs would get so infected that in the spring, his winter clothes had to be cut away from his body as they were glued to his legs by the pus.


The inhumane act by his parents was soon exposed online, when officials in the said city were alerted after a young boy was spotted riding around in the back of a refuse cart with a pig. 7-year-old Liu Hongbo was found unable to talk to people. He did not know how to communicate with humans, as he lived his whole life with pigs.


Father Liu Zhenxue, 46, raised pigs and drove a rickshaw for a living but does not earn much money. He works long hours and is out most days, leaving the boy alone with his mother.


Since the visit from the volunteers at Puyang Loving Society, the boy has received much needed medical attention. In addition, the boy will be cared for by his aunt from now on. He will receive a monthly stipend of 500 Yuan (£50) from the local government until he is 18 as contribution towards his care.


Though HongBo is now saved and taken care of, many netizens are calling for the parents to be held liable for this obvious case of child abuse.



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