They Didn’t Want Their Child To Sit Near Him, but with that rejection he still helped them

This just might teach you to think before making quick judgments about strangers.

The waiting room

The waiting room

A short film by Nancy Spetsioti shows a dark-skin arrive at a doctor’s office. They’re waiting to follow up with the doctor after their daughter’s bone marrow transplant operation. They first notice a dark-skinned man sitting alone in the waiting room.

“Sit over her, love.”

The young girl initially has no issues with sitting next to the man, but her mother immediately has her switch seats so her daughter is not sitting next to the strange man.

The father's reaction

The father’s reaction

The girl’s dad even goes so far as to stand so that no one in his family has to sit next to the man. They continue giving him side-eyed glances as they wait for the doctor.

Then the doctor comes

Then the doctor comes

The family is visibly surprised when the doctor appears and asks everyone — the strange man included — to come into his office. But when the doctor explains why, everything makes sense.

Watch the whole video:

It will definitely make you think twice about judging others.


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