US politician Brigitte Gabriel Responds To Muslim Student’s Question On Muslims, Her Response Is Jaw Dropping

For years we have been hearing that Islam has always been ‘hijacked’ by certain muslim extremists, but we dare ask… does that really matter?

Yes we understand that MOST Muslims are peaceful, however. That should always come with the helpful figure that those extremist muslims that you so hesitantly include in your circle make up about 15%-20% of the Muslim population.

That doesn’t sound too menacing, now does it? Well wait for it… Those 20% manage to make up around 270 million people of the world. That’s 270 people who have killed in the name of Allah.

Here’s an amazing response to someone who thinks Muslims are not portrayed correctly. It’s perfect.

What a fantastic answer to a Muslim. We are tired of hearing this argument over and over again. It was refreshing hearing a politician speak so clearly on Islam!



Transgender German man give birth to a baby

A Berlin man has become the first in Germany to give birth to a baby.
He identifies as male, but has a female reproductive system.
The baby boy was born on March 18th this year in a home birth, as hospitals are required to write the name of the mother in their records when a child is born.

It was delivered with the help of a midwife in the Neukölln area of Berlin.
On government records the new father, who is transgender, is registered as a man.
This makes him the first male in Germany to give birth, Berlin newspapers reported on Monday.
He reportedly became pregnant through a sperm donation.
Officially the child does not have a mother, only a father.
The case is reminiscent of transgender Thomas Beatie who has given birth to three children in the US.
Transgender people are able to give birth to children because even when a woman undergoes hormone therapy to become more physically masculine, they can retain female organs.

pregnant german man 2

Early life

Born Tracy Lehuanani LaGondino, Beatie was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, the first of two children. His mother was from San Francisco, and of English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh descent. His father, of Korean and Filipino decent, was born and raised in Hawaii.[5] As a teenager, Beatie was a female model and Miss Teen Hawaii USA pageant finalist.[6] He appeared regularly on the nationally televised aerobics workout series and video, Basic Training with Ada Janklowicz, and later became a competitive bodybuilder.

In 1996, Beatie graduated from the University of Hawaii with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science (Pre-med) and later pursued an Executive MBA. In 1997, he founded Define Normal, a progressive clothing company, which has since expanded in federal trademark to film and video production. He competed in full-contact fighting and was a black belt and tournament champion in Taekwondo.

Gender transition and marriage

At the age of 10, Beatie started to self-identify with the male gender.[12] At 23 years old, he began testosterone hormone treatment to transition to living life as a man.

pregnant german man 1

source : nairaland , wikipedia